The Joy of Speaking

Who doesn’t like a good story or learning opportunity with a memorable message? Probably those listening to a speaker read from the PowerPoint! 

We believe speaking engagements are an opportunity to share knowledge, inspire others through stories, have some fun and learn something new! We like connecting with our audience and gifting them a new idea, skill or tool. Online or in person. 

Diane Gibson has spoken to audiences large and small in a variety of industries. From diverse groups and across the generations, to family and women-owned businesses, private and publicly held organizations and attendees from highly accomplished business leaders to newly minted professionals. 

We love the energy of an engaged audience and their curious questions. We feel the synergy that spawns innovative ideas and enlightened conversations – the excitement generated is palpable.

Diane Gibson

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 Most Requested Topics


The Mix of Five Generations in the Workplace

The most requested presentation topic over the years. There is an art to motivating employees from different generations. We delve into the importance of understanding each others’ perspectives, personalities, approaches to leadership, motivation and how best to keep them all engaged.


Circles of Collaboration

Just like any new skill, developing rewarding collaborative relationships take time.  Collaboration requires purposeful participation.  We look at four circles of collaboration that are especially important in a team-oriented work environment: communication, trust, group dynamics, and commitment.


Delegation, Letting Go

In an ever-changing, information-rich business environment, delegation is a critical leadership skill. We know there is more to delegation than simply handing off tasks or assignments. Why do your delegations result in unsuccessful outcomes?  Can you identify the barriers preventing a successful delegation?  We will explore some barriers that are getting in the way. It’s a riveting discussion!

Some Other Topics


The Four Stages of Teams


Business Continuity: Putting A Plan In Place


Getting to the Heart of Change…Leading Successful Change in your Organization

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