An organizational blueprint aligned 
                                 with strategy is a competitive advantage


What is organizational architecture? 
You wouldn't think of building a home or complex structure without an architect's blueprint - the plan.  Business organizations need a plan too.  

Organizational architecture is the structural blueprint for your business and comprises four primary pillars: leadership, strategy, structure and culture. 

Leadership is creating and nurturing an environment where all organizational components (culture, strategy, and structure) work together. Leadership involves anticipating and facilitating change through trust, collaboration, knowledge and empowerment.

Strategy is really the art of creating and deploying a system of activities that moves all company resources toward a goal.  It is the roadmap to success.  It is vision, mission and values.

Structure organizational structure (sometimes compared to the human brain) is the most complex network of all.  This network of groups, systems, roles, relationships, processes and communication all work together to perform the work.

describes the personality of an organization.  Value systems, beliefs and behaviors are perhaps the strongest components. Add diverse personalities, different motivations and multi-generations, and you have your own very unique corporate culture.  Every organization has one.
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