Building strong organizations four ways:                             leadership, strategy, structure and culture

Does your organizational architecture align with your corporate strategy and business goals?

DMG Consultancy, Ltd. is a management 
consulting firm focused on aligning business operations with strategic goals.  We work with clients to successfully implement their strategies by focusing on the Organizational
Architecture (OA), the "blueprint" by which a business operates.  

At the very foundation, core values and competencies define the organization's environment.  The four pillars - leadership, strategy, structure, and culture represent the internal and external functions.  Overall performance excellence is the result of alignment and focus.

Like an architectural drawing is to a solid structure, a well-defined organizational blueprint is essential for sustainable competitive advantage and business success.

DMG helps build strong organizations.
Using proven methods and effective processes, we identify the gaps in each of the four pillars. Cultural assumptions, strategic misalignment, stalled growth, roles and responsibilities, financial performance and company expectations are just some of the gaps that prevent organizations from achieving their goals.  We help organizations identify and implement sustainable solutions.

DMG works alongside you and your team.
Our consulting approach has always been that we are in this endeavor together.  We work alongside our clients to bring tangible results and lasting value.   

Whether a department is in the process of or engaging in an organizational transformation, our consulting approach helps clients achieve their goals and gain a competitive edge.  

DMG Consultancy, Ltd.  is your business partner. Our mission is to help our clients align their business operations with strategic goals across all levels of the organization.  

Organizational Architect • Trusted Advisor
Speaker  • Facilitator

DMG Organizational Architecture Model 

Our Clients.
We work with small and middle market companies providing  innovative solutions that significantly impact and improve business operations.

The clients we serve represent  industry sectors in B2B and B2C.

Consumer Goods & Services
Financial Services
Food Services
Health Care
High Tech
Renewable Energy

To find out more, contact us directly. 

DMG Consultancy, Ltd.

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